About Us

RochakKhabar.in established its place in the media scene in 2023. We embarked on this journey with a sense of challenge and a profound commitment to serve our nation as an independent news and media website.


Our long-term responsibility at RochakKhabar.in is to shape public opinion on how the democratic system should function and how to effectively sustain and nurture democratic norms.


What sets RochakKhabar.in apart is its unwavering commitment to neutrality. We stand firmly as a non-partisan entity, free from the influence of political parties or vested interest groups. Our strength lies in our impartiality in conflicts between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, regardless of the positions held by any group or alliance.

At RochakKhabar.in, we advocate for the rule of law, human rights, gender equality, national interests, press freedom, transparency, and accountability, never compromising our principles, regardless of the cost. No political powers can take our fairness for granted, and our readers can trust in our commitment to these values.

Social and Economic Commitment:

We are acutely aware of our social responsibilities and duties. RochakKhabar.in works tirelessly to ensure human rights for all, eliminate gender discrimination, promote the rule of law, press freedom, transparency, and accountability in both the administration and the world of trade and industry, all while upholding national interests. We approach these goals with utmost sincerity and accountability, bound by our norms and values.

In addition to reporting on these crucial issues, RochakKhabar.in provides special reports, human-interest stories, features, articles, and essays contributed by our dedicated staff and talented professionals from around the world.

Governing Body:

Our news and media website is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of five members. The Chairman leads this body, while the other members serve as Directors. The Board of Directors handles the financial aspects and investments but is not involved in policymaking.

The responsibility of policy-making rests with the Editor, who is also one of the Directors.


The Editor, who also serves as the Publisher of RochakKhabar.in, leads the news, reporting, and editorial units. Assisting the Editor are an associate editor and assistant editors.

An editorial board, comprising the associate editor and assistant editors, is responsible for crafting editorials under the Editor’s guidance.

The associate editor supports the Editor in leading all units and acts as an acting editor in the Editor’s absence. The assistant editors produce editorials following the Editor’s instructions. They also curate and compile post-editorials from various contributors and oversee the editorial and post-editorial pages. Managing features and articles, and page layout, also falls under their purview.

The Finance Manager manages the finance and accounts sections. The Circulation Manager oversees the newspaper’s distribution across the country and takes steps to expand circulation. The Advertisement Manager heads the advertising section and handles advertisement management.

The Chief Reporter supervises the entire reporting team, a critical unit of the newspaper. This role includes assigning reporters to cover events, write special reports, and receiving reports from correspondents across the country. After receiving the reports, the Chief Reporter forwards them to the news editors.

In RochakKhabar.in, there are two Chief Reporters, one responsible for current affairs and another for special affairs.

The Chief News Editor leads the news section, which includes news editors and sub-editors. Alongside two news editors and a joint news editor, we have several sub-editors. News Editors manage page layout and create report headlines. Sub-editors edit reports and submit them to news editors, who, in turn, send reports for revision to the Revision Editor.

Additionally, we have a City Editor who coordinates events within the city, supervises reporters covering special events, and manages staff responsible for special page production on different occasions. In addition, we have rewrite personnel and translators to develop copies.

Decision-Making Practices:

RochakKhabar.in operates according to a policy that aligns with our objectives and values. Decision-making involves policymakers, the editorial board, managing editor, news editors, and chief reporters. Crucial decisions also arise from weekly meetings involving reporters and sub-editors.